Spanish Point, County Clare – A Tourist’s Guide

Spanish Point is a small village on the west coast of Ireland. Located in County Clare, it is a popular holiday destination during the summer. A large number of homes in the area are used only during the summer months, for this reason the village has a much smaller population during the winter months. The area is one of the best in Ireland for surfing and other water based activities.

Many different tourist types will be attracted to this quaint little village, it’s especially great for families and adventurous types. On a sunny day you’ll struggle to imagine that there could possibly be anywhere on earth more beautiful than Spanish Point. It’s definitely a must visit destination for anyone looking to get away from the hustles and bustles of daily life.


The area is packed with history, which only adds to its charm. The name Spanish Point comes from the wrecking of some ships of the Spanish Armada off the Irish Coast. Following the wreckage a number of the Spaniards, who lost their lives, were buried in the village. Tourists who hire a boat from the nearly fishing town of Quilty can visit one of the shipwrecks off Mutton Island. We can also recommend the Dover to Calais Ferry route once you decide to head for foreign shores again.